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Cozy Crib Calf Stalls
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  • Stalls are self-standing (stand alone)
  • Stall backs can be provided
  • Backs are vented for summer air movement and can be closed to prevent winter drafts
  • Stall design allows for removing divider panels and grouping before transitioning
  • Made in the USA!

Two different pin levels to change level of gate to match calf size. Built-in headlock comes standard for dehorning or treating calves.

Front Frame Stabilizer
Remove PVC divider panels and keep front locked in position



Front frames come in 12' sections
3 - 48" Gates or 4 - 36" Gates

"Quik-Loc" rear wall to panel attachment - no pins or bolts


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Ph: 563-608-1243   •   Fax: 563-928-7480   •   E-mail: bdi@cozycalfcribs.net