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Raising Calves Can be EASY and PROFITABLE! When performance is all that matters. Nothing else comes close - Here's why...


Superior Air Quality Control

  • Sidewall curtains are temperature controlled minimizing temperature swings
  • Vaulted center ceilings creates "chimney effect" for greater fresh air intake

Maximum Animal Health

  • Pail divider with split entry prevents cross contamination between dry feed and water
  • Extended PVC front divider panel eliminates spread of disease caused by animals trying to suck each other
  • Seamless 4' high PVC divider panels are non-porous eliminating the ability for bacteria to "buildup"
  • Center driveway roof cover is 12 oz. - 20 year fiber reinforced poly membrane that allows natural sunlight penetration and the admission of ultra violet rays to help kill germs

Unmatched Management and Operator Convenience

  • 16' wide driveway and front entry stalls allows for easy access for skid steer cleaning - no manual work
  • Superb visibility and ease of access to the calves
  • Built in gate headlock simplifies tagging, medicating and dehorning
  • Spring loaded pail hold down bracket keeps buckets where they belong
  • Always a bright and cheerful atmosphere inside regardless of outside weather conditions


  1. Get Better Feed Conversion
  2. Healthier - Faster Growing Calves
  3. More Productive Animals At Maturity
  4. Great Operator Working Conditions!

Building Specifications
Basic Building Starter Package Standard Features:

  • 32' x 48' long and holds 24 calves.
  • 16' wide "highrise - load designed" center driveway with translucent 20-year poly reinforced fabric roof cover
  • 8' wide low profile wings comes standard with an insulated colored metal roof covering and a 24" wide eve extension
  • Pre-engineered all steel hot dipped galvanized - bolted together primary framing system
  • All secondary framing material on low profile wings is #2 and better SPF construction grade lumber
  • Each endwall comes standard with an 11' x 9' model 955 Trac-Rite rollup door, anda 36" Weather Kinf walk door complete with stainless hinges and "sure-latch" lock
  • Each sidewall has a "poly Vent III" clear poly thermostatic controlled natural ventilation system

Equipment Specifications

  • Pen size are 48" wide x 90" deep and are pinned together for quick removal
  • Three individual 48" fron stall gates installed within a 12' panel swing gate allows access to any three stalls individually or remove the two "slide out" divider panels and open the 12' swing gate for easy front entry cleaning
  • All metal parts are either hot dipped galvanized or stainless steel for a lifetime of troublefree operation
  • Pen divider material is 48" tall seamless PVC "hollow core" reinforced for superb strength and yet remains lightweight. No place for bacteria to harbor!
  • Stall head gates come standard with built in headlocks, removable double pail holder and white 8-quart pails along with spring loaded bucket hold down brackets.

How does it work?

Thermostats control the blowers which inflate Poly Vent. When temperatures inside a building get above the desired temperature, the bottom blower shuts off, causing the bottom tubs to slowly deflate and collapse. This creates a small top opening and allows fresh, outside air to enter the building. When more ventilation is called for, the top blower automatically shuts off, The remaining tubes will partially or fully collapse until the desired temperature is reached.

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