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Introducing MAGIC CALF

The most versatile, easy to manage, and affordable
calf housing system on the market today

magic calf exterior

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  • Designed to accomodate beef or dairy calves

  • Bucket feeding, bottle feeding, or automatic calf feedings

  • Individual training stalls/special needs — 10 days - 2 weeks

  • Turn Calves into group pens to stay up to 450 lbs.

  • Swing gates in pens lock calves in stalls for easy cleaning and bedding.

  • Large center driveway for easy feeding with milk truck

  • Positive pressure tube ventilation for minimum Winter

  • Natural ventilation with fan assist for Maximum Summer

  • Option for climate controlled warm barn with full insulation

magic calf exterior

These barns are consistently getting calves from 5 days old to 450 lbs. in 190 days or less with almost no sickness or death loss.

Manufactured in the USA by Cozy Calf Care Centers • Designing calf buildings and calf equipment since 1986

607 N. Franklin St.   •   Edgewood, Iowa 52042
Ph: 563-608-1243   •   Fax: 563-928-7480   •   E-mail: bdi@cozycalfcribs.net