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Feeding Calves
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In our A.N.I. (Animal Nursing with Identification) system, each calf wears a collar or ear tag. When they come to drink, the calf feeder is able to recognize which one it is, and start mixing milk replacer with warmed water for this calf according to your specification.

A.N.I. uses a new and revolutionary technique for feeding your animals. This is an economical and natural feeding method. This technique takes as its example the way that a cow produces milk for her young. The mother, if taken simply as a milk making machine, has a maximum daily milk production. This milk is not produced all at once but rather drop by drop throughout the day. The calf can at any time drink from its mother, but it will never be able to drink more than the mother’s maximum daily milk production. By this method, the animal is naturally rationed due to the milk production capacity of its mother.

A.N.I allows you to create a mother for each individual animal. You can choose the mother’s maximum production (Daily Liquid Ration) and the quality of the milk produced A.N.I. will then credit. Drop by drop throughout the day, the animal with the maximum milk production of it’ artificial mother—this is the animal’s Liquid credit.

A.N.I. will allow the animal to drink only when its Liquid Credit is greater than the amount that the machine produces in one mix. If the Liquid Credit of an animal is less than the machine’s mix size, A.N.I. will not dispense milk to this animal. You may select the mix size to be 500, 250 or 200 grams. Therefore increasing or decreasing the frequency of feeding.

A.N.I.—allows you to easily calibrate the machine mixes and dispenses an individualized mix to each animal, calculates and records the quantity of water, milk, milk replacer, and other products that your animals have consumed, and automatically washes the machine several time day.

A.N.I.—even allows you to set up four different feeding plans so that your animals will be fed for up to 10 weeks according to a preset feeding pattern.

A.N.I.—is equipped with a microcomputer communication interface. With our software, you will be able to easily track all your animals from the comfort of your office. With an optional printer, A.N.I will print the information automatically on a daily basis and whenever requested.

Therefore you can program individually per calves:

  • Concentration
  • Quantity per day
  • Milk quality (milk replacer or whole milk or any variation of the two)

The IDFEEDER will know how much they drank today and yesterday. It will indicate if a calf is ill because it will not have come to drink at the machine.

  • Feed up to 60 calves
  • Calves are free to move about
  • Can be located in any typed of building
  • Needs connection only to running water and electricity
  • User-friendly menu driven controller located on the feeder
  • Operation and maintenance require only 5 minutes a day
  • Will not freeze up during winter
  • Has its own water heater
  • Cost thousand less than other systems.
  • One year warranty

A.N.I’s feeding method effectively rations the animal and allows it to drink at will which satisfies the animal’s natural instinct.

A.N.I. permits faster weaning of replacement heifers and beef. And better gain in veal without all the intensive labor. This produces happier and calmer animals that grow and are weaned at a faster rate.

With A.N.I. you can now have different animals – replacement heifers, beef and veal of different ages feeding at the same machine while giving each an appropriate individualized diet.


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